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Spring Nourishment

Spring provides us the opportunity to be a part of natures great rebirth as it resets and transforms, it gives us a chance to truly feel one with the earth again. One of my favourite ways that we can reconnect is through food. Nourishing with seasonal foods and herbs can be so giving and provide us with fulfillment as well as inspiration. Wether you harvest these plants from a garden, go to a grocery store, or; your local market, look for these spring time foods and allow them the opportunity to support, nourish and inspire! There are many vegetables in season in the spring as life thrives. Below are some of the most nutrient rich spring foods. SPRING SEASONAL FOODS...

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Usnea - Lichen Medicine

Usnea is a lichen that has extensive traditional medicinal uses across time and cultures. It has been studied for its notable therapeutic compounds and has shown to be promising in treating various bacterial infections.

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