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wild rose
wild rose

Inclusive, Compassionate and Experienced Care. One-on-one Consultations with Registered Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist and Somatic Therapist to support vibrant well-being.


An in-depth session that addresses acute and chronic conditions using a holistic lens. We work together to go over past medical history, relevant lab work, and current experiences to offer clarity and illuminate the steps to take to achieve well-being. 

A tailored treatment plan is provided that includes nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations. Herbal medicine is custom made based on your needs and direction.

90 minutes | Investment $157.50


A follow-up session to tune in and check-in with how you feel after our initial consultation and implementing the treatment plan and herbal medicine. 

We will go over any adjustments that need to be made and create a space to discuss anything coming up for you. Herbal formulas can be refilled or changed depending on what will be the most supportive.

30 minutes | Investment $55.00

60 minutes | Investment $105.00

Sliding Scale is available if needed. Student discounts are available.  Please reach out anytime. At the moment, Consultations are done virtually. Custom herbal medicine is delivered or shipped.