Inclusive, Compassionate and Experienced Care 

One-on-one Consultations with Registered Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist to support vibrant well-being.

Initial Consultation

90 Minutes 

Investment - $110.00

An in-depth session that addresses acute and chronic conditions using a holistic lens. We work together to go over past medical history, relevant lab work, and current experiences to offer clarity and illuminate the steps to take to achieve well-being. 

A tailored treatment plan is provided that includes nutritional, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations. Herbal medicine is custom made based on your needs and direction.

Follow-up Consultation

30 Minutes - $35.00

45 Minutes - $55.00

60 Minutes - $75.00

A follow-up session to tune in and check-in with how you feel after our initial consultation and implementing the treatment plan and herbal medicine. 

We will go over any adjustments that need to be made and create a space to discuss anything coming up for you. Herbal formulas can be refilled or changed depending on what will be the most supportive.

Acute Consultation

30  Minutes - $35.00

45 minutes - $55.00

A shorter session to go over a short term, acute concern or condition that has arisen. 

A treatment protocol and herbal formula is made based on the acute situation. 

Sliding Scale is available if needed. Student discounts are available.  Please reach out anytime.

At the moment, Consultations are done virtually.

Custom herbal medicine is delivered or shipped.