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Tuscan Walnut & Espresso Soap

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A smooth, rich, and exfoliating soap inspired by Tuscan summers surrounded by Walnut trees and the aroma of morning coffee.

Featured Therapeutics

Cocoa Butter: Creates a moisturizing, creamy, and long-lasting lather with a hint of cocoa fragrance. Cocoa Butter contains theobromine, a vasodilator known to increase blood flow revealing a radiant complexion. 

Coffee: Energizes the skin and tones tired tissues while encouraging skin cell turnover.

Walnut: The walnut hulls provide an invigorating exfoliating sensation.


Coffea arabica (Coffee) Infusion, Saponified Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Coffea arabica (Coffee) Essential Oil, Juglans regia (Walnut) Hull.