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Restfull herbal tea
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Restfull - Herbal Tea

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A restorative tea that deeply nourishes the nervous system, settles an overactive mind, and promotes restfulness. 

Therapeutic Plants

Catnip: A mild sedative action that helps to reduce irritability, nervous tension and encourages sleep.

Skullcap: Relaxes states of nervous exhaustion while nourishing, renewing, and reviving the central nervous system.  It is beneficial for those whose insomnia is due to mental over-activity or worry.

Oatstraw: A nourishing nerve tonic to support debility, depression, emotional exhaustion and insomnia. Oatstraw makes a notable remedy to treat profound lethargy that results from chronic pain, grief and anxiety

Chamomile: A restorative plant that promotes mental tranquillity and brings relief to tension. 

Lavender: Aids in unwinding the mind, easing anxiety and promoting rest.

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